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Let me introduce myself.

My name is Nicola and I have recently entered my fifties.

I am blessed to live in the healthy environment of New Zealand, although previously as an international management consultant, I spent considerable time all over the world. I have now retired from consulting to focus on new passions. Antiaging and Wellness is one of those passions [along with top quality wine and chocolate!]

I have always tried to live according to healthy lifestyle principles and believe I have maintained a fit and youthful appearance for my age.

However, like most of us at 50, I am starting to see the tell-tale signs of aging. However, I see no reason to let “nature” take its toll without at least a bit of a fight. This is where I benefit from being born on a cusp between Aries and Taurus.  The Taurean side of me refuses to just submit myself to the “norm” and the Arian side drives my energy and passion to find a way to subvert the “norm”.

I approached this task like any management project. Check out the foundation structure and strategies first, and make sure they are optimised.  My first step therefore, has been focussed on cellular nutrition - I figured if I kept things working well at the base level, then anything else I did at a more superficial level would prove more successful.

As I started investigating the options for more cosmetic based products and treatments, I did find some excellent information however, much of that information was rather fragmented and a lot of very good data was embedded in very scientific-medical papers.

The antiaging-wellness site is my contribution to bringing all this valuable information together, with links to those sites I recommend.

This Blog is my way of keeping you in touch with anything new we find out, and is also our invitation to others to share their knowledge so that we may all build a collective pool of antiaging and wellness information. You may also like to subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you get this information hot off the press to your email.

We will be researching the latest products, and will promote those we find successful on our site. If you have a product[s] you would like us to try, we would be happy to do so and will write an honest and independent review. So please feel free to contact us, or send samples to:

P.O. Box 25 369, St Heliers, Auckland. New Zealand 1130


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