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Coconut Oil – Is It A Cure For Alzheimers?

Alzheimers has been dubbed the ‘Diabetes of the Brain’. This is because it appears that, with age, insulin prevents glucose being absorbed by brain cells. Glucose is an essential nutrient for the healthy biology and function of the brain. However, … Continue reading

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3 Keys To Maintaining Cognitive Function With Aging

A study published April 11 in the Journal of Neuroscience outlined research done into how and why aging results in changes in the brain that impact the ability to make decisions in new situations. Their findings indicate that the decline in … Continue reading

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Powering Up Brain Cells

Ever wondered why exercise is good for mental clarity?  Exercise helps to dilate the blood vessels, increasing nutrient carrying blood to the brain. It also helps to remove toxins and waste from the brain, strengthening the cells. Stronger cells – … Continue reading

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Walk Your Brain to Wellness

There is a lot of media attention to the supposed ‘common ailments of aging’  – heart disease, diabetes or cancer, but little is spoken about dementia or Alzheimer’s. Maybe it’s because it’s not so talked about – I mean cancer … Continue reading

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