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Four Essential Habits To Increase Longevity

Just a quick reminder of four essential habits to increase your average life expectency. According to Dr. Norman Shealy, these four habits can increase the average life expectency to 100. No smoking – 20 % still smoking BMI not fat … Continue reading

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How Much Exercise is Too Much?

We now know that it only takes a relatively minimal amount of exercise to product optimal results – it is more about the type of exercise, than the level of intensity or duration. Exercising too hard or too long can … Continue reading

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Should You Do Muscle Isolation Training?

Often I come across articles on how to train one particular muscle or joint – “get bigger biceps, how to flatten your abs etc”. The thing is – muscles are not designed to work in isolation, they work best as … Continue reading

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Just How Much Salt Do You Eat Each Day?

Salt is a well known precursor to high blood pressure. What is not so well recognised is just how much salt we are taking in each day. To help become more aware of your salt intake, and to lower your … Continue reading

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Don’t Buy Into Aging Myths

As we get older it is all too easy to buy into the aging hype and myths. One of the biggest myths connecting with aging is loss of muscle and increased body fat. Both muscle growth and fat are a … Continue reading

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8 Part Antiaging & Restorative Medicine Series

Coming up soon – an 8 part blog series on the latest in antiaging and restorative medicine. Over the past few years there have been signficant advances in restorative medicine, and longer term findings on the various approaches to antiaging medicine and … Continue reading

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Iron Man Nutrition Great For Antiaging Program

I came across this very good video by triathlete Ben Greenfield on the nutritional requirements for athletes training for the Iron Man. As most of you would know, the Iron Man is the elite fitness event in the triathlon circuit. … Continue reading

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Super Brain Yoga Helps Prevent Alzheimers

I just came across a really interesting video and concept called Super Brain Yoga, being used on young and old alike to help prevent and control various illnesses, including Alzheimers. Take a look: This exercise is designed to pump up … Continue reading

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Get Fitter By The Hour

With a lot of us feeling like we have to put in more effort to keep our jobs and businesses from falling into the hands of the recession, it is easy to feel like there is no time for keeping … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Recession Hype Age You

With so much media attention on the recession, and possible depression – it is difficult for it not to have a rather demoralising impact. And with that comes all the normal downhill feelings and impacts such as stress, depression, over-eating, … Continue reading

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