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Get Health Benefits From Vitamin D Without Skin Cancer

Whilst the Northern Hemisphere is in the middle of summer it is a good time to remind you all about protecting the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The flip side to sun exposure is its contribution to your Vitamin D … Continue reading

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Can Your Self Image Survive Cosmetic Surgery?

We all have different reasons for why we want to fight the aging process. We also all have different ideas about how we want to achieve this. For some it is a highly preventative approach, and for others they are … Continue reading

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Resveratrol Antiaging Properties Hot in Media

It seems by the headlines in my antiaging news group this morning that red wine, or specifically Resveratrol is back in the headlines in a big way, for example: Study examines red wine’ anti-aging ingredient – CBS News Resveratrol’s anti-aging … Continue reading

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3 Keys To Maintaining Cognitive Function With Aging

A study published April 11 in the Journal of Neuroscience outlined research done into how and why aging results in changes in the brain that impact the ability to make decisions in new situations. Their findings indicate that the decline in … Continue reading

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Natural or Homemade Anti-Aging Treatments

Aging is a fact of life, but if we are truthful, we all like to fight against it to some extent. According to an article I was emailed today, we don’t need to go down to our local anti-aging clinic, … Continue reading

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Senescent Cells – Key to Future Antiaging Treatments

There is celebration at the Mayo Clinic today as researchers announce they have unlocked a new medical breakthrough in quest for anti-aging treatments that can slow down the development of disease, and even aging. The antiaging treatment involves identifying a … Continue reading

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Topical Vitamins in Anti-aging Skin Care Products

Over the past few years, a range of topical vitamins claiming to counteract skin aging have been released. In one instance, a complete line has been distributed through doctors offices. The Vitivia Pro:Vitamin line claims that topical vitamins have previously … Continue reading

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Anti-aging Skin Care Review

With so many anti-aging skin care products and anti-wrinkle creams on the market it is hard to decide exactly where to invest your hard earned cash for the best results. This month I am going to concentrate on highlighting those … Continue reading

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Lemon Zest Helps Prevent Skin Cancer

With the summer months enticing us out to the beaches, we need to review our sun protection methods. Skin cancer is the most common cancer, affecting more than 2 million people in the United States each year. Squamous Cell Carcinoma … Continue reading

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8 Part Antiaging & Restorative Medicine Series

Coming up soon – an 8 part blog series on the latest in antiaging and restorative medicine. Over the past few years there have been signficant advances in restorative medicine, and longer term findings on the various approaches to antiaging medicine and … Continue reading

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