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Four Essential Habits To Increase Longevity

Just a quick reminder of four essential habits to increase your average life expectency. According to Dr. Norman Shealy, these four habits can increase the average life expectency to 100. No smoking – 20 % still smoking BMI not fat … Continue reading

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The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Most studies on antiaging come from different perspectives, however all will agree on one thing. The level of inflammation in the body is a contributing factor in most age-related illnesses. The main cause of this inflammation is our highly acidic … Continue reading

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New Study Identifies 4 Key Markers of Aging

A new study, conducted by researchers at King’s College London, has identified a group of ‘ageing’ genes that influence the rate of healthy aging and longevity. These genes are switched on and off by natural mechanisms called epigenetic factors, Epigenetic … Continue reading

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How to Have Thick, Strong, Healthy Hair

As we age, our hair starts to look dull and changes texture. Eventually it starts to fall out. So how can we boost the health of our hair whilst we have it? The best way to have thick, strong and healthy hair … Continue reading

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Preventing and Treating Cancer

We all have cancer cells in the body at some point – typically between 6 to 10 times in a ourlifetime. If our body is in optimal health it will deal with these cancer cells before they cause an issue. … Continue reading

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Reliable Measure of Men’s Health

According to television celebrity doctor Dr Oz, “a mans penis is the dipstick to his health”. Changes in health of men is reflected in the change of sexual performance. The penis relies on a good blood flow to get and … Continue reading

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The Amazing Achievements of the 80 Year Old American Monk

Burt Goldman, “The American Monk” admits that the method he used at the prime age of 80 to initiate a renaissance period in his life, is in his own word “a bit whacky”. Burt leant to focus his mind in … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Healthy Food

Since our last post was on the ugly side of food, I thought I would seek out a good food balance – something inspiring and beautiful. I found the perfect ugly food foil in this delightful short video….its less than … Continue reading

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Light in Fat, Or Light in Fact?

Health guidelines in USA require listing of fat in terms of calories, whereas the rest of the world records fat as in terms of percentage. To get to percent calories from fat requires shoppers to stand there with a calculator … Continue reading

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The Power Of Your Mental Performance Supply Chain

Today I want to talk with you about learning to gain better control over your mental state and how to engage your mental performance supply chain to prepare your brain for the right action. The four main supply elements our … Continue reading

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