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The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Most studies on antiaging come from different perspectives, however all will agree on one thing. The level of inflammation in the body is a contributing factor in most age-related illnesses. The main cause of this inflammation is our highly acidic … Continue reading

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Red Meat Increases Risk of Dying by 13 to 20 Percent

Eating a portion of processed red meat daily can increase a person’s risk of dying young by up to 20 per cent according to Harvard University experts. A long-term (22-28 years) study of over 120,000 people offered more evidence regular … Continue reading

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I Have Cancer – So Do You!

Did you know that we all have cancer. Cancer cells are just cells that have not formed correctly. This can be from a number of reasons – but a primary reason is that the cells are so overloaded with toxic … Continue reading

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Does Healthy Eating Cost More?

I received an email newsletter from Jon Benson recently that addressed the long held myth that heating healthily costs more. In tight economic times when we are all looking at our grocery budget, I thought I would pass on some … Continue reading

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The Sour Truth About Sugar

Sugar is one of the deadly aging foods that can have extremely bad impact on your health – but you know that right?  You do your best to avoid sugar laden softdrinks, sweets and cookies. But do you also apply … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Healthy Food

Since our last post was on the ugly side of food, I thought I would seek out a good food balance – something inspiring and beautiful. I found the perfect ugly food foil in this delightful short video….its less than … Continue reading

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Light in Fat, Or Light in Fact?

Health guidelines in USA require listing of fat in terms of calories, whereas the rest of the world records fat as in terms of percentage. To get to percent calories from fat requires shoppers to stand there with a calculator … Continue reading

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