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New Study Identifies 4 Key Markers of Aging

A new study, conducted by researchers at King’s College London, has identified a group of ‘ageing’ genes that influence the rate of healthy aging and longevity. These genes are switched on and off by natural mechanisms called epigenetic factors, Epigenetic … Continue reading

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Animation of DNA and Cell Division

An amazing video illustration of the human DNA and cell division by biomedical animator Drew Berry. After a short introduction the animation explodes into the inner workings of the DNA and cell. A very entertaining and informative 9 minutes Bookmark … Continue reading

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Walking on the Wild Side of Anti-Aging

We see so much information on the theory of antiaging and the products and treatments that help us fight wrinkles and the ravaging diseases associated with aging. However, unless you lurk in the pages of medical research websites, you may … Continue reading

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A New Look at Breast Cancer

There is such a lot of confusion in the market as to what does and does not contribute to or cause breast cancer. No sooner does one theory emerge than it gets debunked two years later. The common protection mechanism … Continue reading

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Great Videos Explaining Stem Cell Therapy To Stop Aging

Following on from a recent post on new gene therapy to treat Parkinsons disease I caught up with the latest in stem cell therapy. There is a lot of controversy around stem cell replacement therapy – largely due to misinformation … Continue reading

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Age Defying Human Biological Programming

In David Louis Edelman’s novel ‘Infoquake’ nanotechnology is injected into the human body to act as a carrier for programs that can be activated on demand to control emotions, to assist the host to sleep or stay awake, and the … Continue reading

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