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How Much Exercise is Too Much?

We now know that it only takes a relatively minimal amount of exercise to product optimal results – it is more about the type of exercise, than the level of intensity or duration. Exercising too hard or too long can … Continue reading

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Overcoming The Weight Loss or Fat Loss Plateau

For anyone who has engaged in any sort of fitness program or fat loss program, they know about ‘The Plateau’ – that week where the weight just doesn’t come off, and the fat is still hanging on the hips the … Continue reading

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Don’t Buy Into Aging Myths

As we get older it is all too easy to buy into the aging hype and myths. One of the biggest myths connecting with aging is loss of muscle and increased body fat. Both muscle growth and fat are a … Continue reading

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Iron Man Nutrition Great For Antiaging Program

I came across this very good video by triathlete Ben Greenfield on the nutritional requirements for athletes training for the Iron Man. As most of you would know, the Iron Man is the elite fitness event in the triathlon circuit. … Continue reading

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Free Weights Trump Fixed Weight Machines

Regular strength-training is a key element in your antiaging program. For many people – ‘doing weights’ means slogging along to the gym at 5.30am and completing a round on weight machines. Yet you can get a really good workout without … Continue reading

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Why Are So Many So Overweight At Age 60?

I realise that obesity is a universal problem in western civilisations but a recent report by The Alberto Cordero School of Medicine shocked me. It claimed that “76% of workers older than 60 years of age are overweight or obese”. … Continue reading

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