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The Amazing Achievements of the 80 Year Old American Monk

Burt Goldman, “The American Monk” admits that the method he used at the prime age of 80 to initiate a renaissance period in his life, is in his own word “a bit whacky”. Burt leant to focus his mind in … Continue reading

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Be Wise About Sports

In the last post we chatted about being wise about beauty and health. In the interest of continuing on this theme, we need to also be wise about our sports as we age. Being highly performance driven, I love being … Continue reading

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The Aging Lifecycle is Backwards!

I had just finished my goal setting exercise for 2007 when I received an email from my sister Andrea that tipped it all completely upside down. Or in this case back to front. I was so bemused with her email … Continue reading

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Are You A Wimp With Goal Setting?

Every year on the second week of January [that’s this week] I review my life and plan the upcoming year. On most occassions I will use a formal life coaching program. One of my favorites is Tony Robbins ‘Get The … Continue reading

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Keeping To Your Healthy Diet At Christmas

I have had several conversations of late with people already lamenting their dietary lapses due to Christmas and holiday festivities, and asking for advice on how to keep to their diets. My response to them, and to you is this … Continue reading

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Mind Your Age

Cryonics is an interesting subject and one of much debate. Studies and trials in cryonics, cloning and gerontology are progressing knowledge and scientific based treatments. Cryonics is one of the oldest scientific life extension movements. Its approaches include treatments for … Continue reading

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Direct Shopping Now on

I am delighted to tell you that we now how direct full catalogue shopping on from two of our trusted suppliers – Botanic Choice and Amazon. Botanic Choice are well known in online shopping for natural nutritional supplements. You … Continue reading

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What Is The Perfect Age

A current television series running in New Zealand called “The Perfect Age” got me thinking as to what IS the perfect age. My thoughts ran across various scenarios before I concluded that it depends upon what you are attempting to … Continue reading

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Make Your Life Lucky

Why is it that those of us that have worked our butts off to get a bit more into our lives than the average person are termed “lucky”? I’m not just talking about money. Personal wealth comes in many forms; … Continue reading

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