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3 Keys To Maintaining Cognitive Function With Aging

A study published April 11 in the Journal of Neuroscience outlined research done into how and why aging results in changes in the brain that impact the ability to make decisions in new situations.┬áTheir findings indicate that the decline in … Continue reading

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Are Anti-Nutrients Draining Your Energy?

We all know how important nutrition is for maintaining a healthy body. Part of being healthy is having optimal energy levels – both physical and mental. So what happens when we just feel we have had our battery pack unplugged? … Continue reading

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Improved Sleep for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

A recent study has show Cognitive behavioral therapy to be effective in the treatment for insomnia in older people who suffer pain from osteoarthritis. 60 percent of people with the disease report pain during the night. As a sufferer of … Continue reading

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Urge Doctors to Treat Problem, Not Symptoms

How often do you find your Doctor treating your symptoms and not the problem? I regard myself as an intelligent person who can be assertive when appropriate, yet I still fall into the trap of coming out from my Doctors … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Recession Hype Age You

With so much media attention on the recession, and possible depression – it is difficult for it not to have a rather demoralising impact. And with that comes all the normal downhill feelings and impacts such as stress, depression, over-eating, … Continue reading

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7 Ways To Have a Happy Holiday

It’s no secret that the holiday season is one of mixed blessing! Even as one who does celebrate Christmas I find this time of year rather taxing. Not only does business effectively get disrupted for at least two months, the … Continue reading

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Does Stress Control Your Heating Habits?

How often do you eat in response to stress? And if you do, what type of food do you tend to eat? For many of us, the honest answer is that we head straight for the ‘comfort food’ – the … Continue reading

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