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Resveratrol Antiaging Properties Hot in Media

It seems by the headlines in my antiaging news group this morning that red wine, or specifically Resveratrol is back in the headlines in a big way, for example: Study examines red wine’ anti-aging ingredient – CBS News Resveratrol’s anti-aging … Continue reading

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How to Fight Inflammation in the Body

I am suffering from widespread inflammation in my body – I suspect largely through living in a leaky house. The most significant area is in my neck, which now shows a high degree of arthritis, well beyond that expected for … Continue reading

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Selecting the Right Antioxidant for You

If there is one supplement over all others that has powerful anti-aging benefits, its an antioxidant. Antioxidants combat the free radicals in the body caused by ingestion, inhalation or absorbtion of toxins. Many people believe that taking 500mg of Vitamin C each … Continue reading

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Iron Man Nutrition Great For Antiaging Program

I came across this very good video by triathlete Ben Greenfield on the nutritional requirements for athletes training for the Iron Man. As most of you would know, the Iron Man is the elite fitness event in the triathlon circuit. … Continue reading

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Food or Supplements – The Great Debate

One debate that seems never to die is whether supplements are food or nutrition, and whether supplements are necessary at all. Let’s just step away from the food element for a bit, and just look at supplements our bodies need. … Continue reading

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