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For comments and posts on antiaging and wellness treatments. This includes new treatment descriptions, comments from those who have experienced these treatments, vendor recommendations, spas and clinics using specific treatments.

How to Fight Inflammation in the Body

I am suffering from widespread inflammation in my body – I suspect largely through living in a leaky house. The most significant area is in my neck, which now shows a high degree of arthritis, well beyond that expected for … Continue reading

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8 Part Antiaging & Restorative Medicine Series

Coming up soon – an 8 part blog series on the latest in antiaging and restorative medicine. Over the past few years there have been signficant advances in restorative medicine, and longer term findings on the various approaches to antiaging medicine and … Continue reading

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Best Time of Day?

Ever wondered the best time of day for taking your meds, having surgery, getting a bikini wax, going to the Doctor, having a root canal or just a taking a power nap….then this article just might give you the answer: … Continue reading

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Athritis Suffers Find Comfort in Weight Loss

Studies found that people with knee osteoarthritis experienced less pain and disability simply by losing weight: A 5 per cent weight loss was enough to ease problems A 10 percent weight loss resulted in ‘moderate to large’ improvements in physical ability … Continue reading

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Age Defying Human Biological Programming

In David Louis Edelman’s novel ‘Infoquake’ nanotechnology is injected into the human body to act as a carrier for programs that can be activated on demand to control emotions, to assist the host to sleep or stay awake, and the … Continue reading

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Big Jump in Cancer Treatment Efficiency

Two big improvements in breast cancer treatment make for one big jump in cancer therapy efficicency. Molecular Dye An Australian scientist has developed a test that detects within days whether chemotheraphy is actually killing a patient’s cancer cells, allowing doctors … Continue reading

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Agrimseng – Cancer Cure!

I was just reading an account of a NZ women who used the five-herb and plant based extract, Agrimseng in an effort to cure her incurable lymphatic cancer. Agrimseng Agrimseng is designed as a dietary supplement used before, during and … Continue reading

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The Gym Sweat Facial

With fast pace and convenience the foundation of lifestyles today, it is no surprise that someone would come up with a facial you can have whilst working out at the gym. When we workout out intensively, and sweat, we lose … Continue reading

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Using Weight Training To Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is far too accepted as being inevitable.  Sure, loss of calcium from the bones increases as we age – but rather than just accept it, why not look at why it happens and do something to prevent it. People do … Continue reading

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Fitness Reduces Negative Effects of Menopause

Until recently it was believed that there were no positive beneftis associated with increased physical fitness and menopause. However, recent study results now show the physical activity may help ease symptoms and increase quality of life during menopause. About 1.5 … Continue reading

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