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Red Meat Increases Risk of Dying by 13 to 20 Percent

Eating a portion of processed red meat daily can increase a person’s risk of dying young by up to 20 per cent according to Harvard University experts. A long-term (22-28 years) study of over 120,000 people offered more evidence regular … Continue reading

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Understanding Variation in Basal Metabolic Rate

In my last post I wrote about ‘The Plateau’ and how some measures can be misleading when considered over short periods of time. Another such measure is the Basal Metabolic Rate [BMR]. When people are working their way through exercise … Continue reading

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Don’t Buy Into Aging Myths

As we get older it is all too easy to buy into the aging hype and myths. One of the biggest myths connecting with aging is loss of muscle and increased body fat. Both muscle growth and fat are a … Continue reading

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The Sour Truth About Sugar

Sugar is one of the deadly aging foods that can have extremely bad impact on your health – but you know that right?¬† You do your best to avoid sugar laden softdrinks, sweets and cookies. But do you also apply … Continue reading

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Change of Season Good Time to Detox

Changing seasons is a great time to detoxify they body. Regardless of whether you are suffering from over indulgence during holidays, or have been loading up on carbs to keep warm during the winter. A detoxification program is a great … Continue reading

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Want to Lose Fat – Then Get Out of The Way of Your Body

There are so many fat loss programs that it is confusing to many people as to which program works best. What most people don’t realise is that many of these programs actually work against you and make you put on … Continue reading

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Athritis Suffers Find Comfort in Weight Loss

Studies found that¬†people with knee osteoarthritis experienced less pain and disability simply by losing weight: A 5 per cent weight loss was enough to ease problems A 10 percent weight loss resulted in ‘moderate to large’ improvements in physical ability … Continue reading

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How To Overpower The Fat Gene

Do You Have the Fat Gene? – If So, Soy Could Be The Answer A recent study by Soy Labs’ scientists claim that Soy could help reduce fat gene…. well, that’s interesting – No not the soy bit, but the … Continue reading

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How Well Do We Know The Food We Eat?

Whilst we are on a food or eating theme – how well do we really know the food we eat. Whilst consumer health regulatory bodies in most western countries today, have set strict guidelines on food labeling, are manufacturers being … Continue reading

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Does Stress Control Your Heating Habits?

How often do you eat in response to stress? And if you do, what type of food do you tend to eat? For many of us, the honest answer is that we head straight for the ‘comfort food’ – the … Continue reading

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