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Red Meat Increases Risk of Dying by 13 to 20 Percent

Eating a portion of processed red meat daily can increase a person’s risk of dying young by up to 20 per cent according to Harvard University experts. A long-term (22-28 years) study of over 120,000 people offered more evidence regular … Continue reading

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Aging Health Check

Now you have had time to get yourself organized in the New Year I thought it a good time to remind you to have regular checks. For the average healthy person, the key health data to confirm is: Resting Heart … Continue reading

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Just How Much Salt Do You Eat Each Day?

Salt is a well known precursor to high blood pressure. What is not so well recognised is just how much salt we are taking in each day. To help become more aware of your salt intake, and to lower your … Continue reading

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Tinnitus – Fraud of the Rings

Do you hear ringing, when there is nothing ringing….it’s all in your head!! ┬áThis condition would drive me to drink. I am super sensitive to noise of any type, so can only imagine the frustration and irritation one must experience … Continue reading

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Reliable Measure of Men’s Health

According to television celebrity doctor Dr Oz, “a mans penis is the dipstick to his health”. Changes in health of men is reflected in the change of sexual performance. The penis relies on a good blood flow to get and … Continue reading

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Best Time of Day?

Ever wondered the best time of day for taking your meds, having surgery, getting a bikini wax, going to the Doctor, having a root canal or just a taking a power nap….then this article just might give you the answer: … Continue reading

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How Toxic Is Your Home?

Just came across this interesting interactive website that looks at the various toxic elements in your home. For instance – how safe is food in cans? What ingredient do you need to watch out for in dishwasher powders? What are … Continue reading

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A New Look at Breast Cancer

There is such a lot of confusion in the market as to what does and does not contribute to or cause breast cancer. No sooner does one theory emerge than it gets debunked two years later. The common protection mechanism … Continue reading

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Health Regs Damn The Healthy and Support The Unhealthy

Why is it that Health Authorities have their knickers in such a twist over many homeopathic products that users choose to take for their own health. In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration has strict criteria which must be … Continue reading

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A New Perspective on Antiaging

In response to my last aging humor post, a reader sent us this Q&A to share with you – warning!! reading further could endanger your health….but it will give you a good laugh. HEALTH QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION Q: I’ve … Continue reading

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