Coconut Oil – Is It A Cure For Alzheimers?

Alzheimers has been dubbed the ‘Diabetes of the Brain’. This is because it appears that, with age, insulin prevents glucose being absorbed by brain cells. Glucose is an essential nutrient for the healthy biology and function of the brain. However, it has been found that ketones are a great alternative – and Coconut Oil is a form of ketone, that is easily accessible to consumers. However, one must take care to get the right form of coconut oil: pure, non-hydrogenated Coconut Oil. Avoid the hydrogenated versions – they are pure trans fats, which we all know are bad for our health.

Watch this brief video to find out more.


Coconut Oil and Cholesterol

There are two kinds of cholesterol – LDL [Bad] and HDL [Good]. Coconut Oil is HDL form – so it helps with cholesterol, which in turn improves circulation to the brain for many related illnesses, including Alzheimers. Coconut is also a natural antibiotic – it keeps bacteria levels down to ensure the body can respond more efficiently to viruses and invasions of bacteria.

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