How Much Exercise is Too Much?

We now know that it only takes a relatively minimal amount of exercise to product optimal results – it is more about the type of exercise, than the level of intensity or duration. Exercising too hard or too long can produce negative effects – this is known by marathon runners. Endurance running on a regular basis strips down muscle, damages joints and doesn’t give the body enough time to rid the toxins that build up during intense workouts.

Just like nutirition and medications – finding the right dose to meet your goals is the aim. The same applies to exercise. What we want is to achieve the desired results with the minimum effort – a ‘minimum effective dose’. Just as we don’t want to waste food by eating more than we need, or risk toxicity by taking too much medication, we want to exercise to the point, where beyond this point there will be diminishing returns – the exercise starts to harm us, rather than help us.

Numerous studies have proven that short bursts of intense exercise and occasional lifting of heavy things delivers far better results than lengthy endurance training or weight lifting on a more than needed basis.

High Intensity Interval Training – short bursts of sprinting interspaced with periods of low intensity [walking], provides better results in less time. You will lose more weight, feel better, look better and importantly, become more healthy.

So give away the miles of pavement pounding, and consider 30 minutes of HIIT. Try it for just 2 weeks – 5 times a week and let us know your results.

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