Red Meat Increases Risk of Dying by 13 to 20 Percent

Eating a portion of processed red meat daily can increase a person’s risk of dying young by up to 20 per cent according to Harvard University experts. A long-term (22-28 years) study of over 120,000 people offered more evidence regular consumption of red meat, especially processed meat, increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.
A daily portion the size of a deck of averaged a 13 per cent higher risk of dying; if the meat was processed (e.g. a hot dog or two slices of bacon), the risk jumped to 20 per cent. Processed red meat other contain ingredients such as saturated fat, sodium, nitrites and some carcinogens that are linked to many chronic ailments including heart disease and cancer.

Substituting nuts for red meat lowered total mortality risk by 19 per cent, poultry or whole grains lowered the risk by 14 per cent and fish by 7 per cent. The ideal red meat consumption is less than 0.5 servings per day.

The study acknowledges that it is difficult to isolate one contributing factor; for example, those who ate more processed red meat may also be likely to consume more sugar-sweetened beverages, which contains harmful triglycerides known to be associated with increased risk of inflammation and heart disease.

Heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States and top risk factors include obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, diabetes and poor eating habits.

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How to Have Thick, Strong, Healthy Hair

As we age, our hair starts to look dull and changes texture. Eventually it starts to fall out. So how can we boost the health of our hair whilst we have it? The best way to have thick, strong and healthy hair is to resist the sales talk on all the chemical laden potions and treatments. Existing hair is already dead cells – however, there are three things you can do to improve the look of your hair:

  1. Promote strong hair growth – this improves the manageability of hair by increasing elasticity and thickening the cuticle.
  2. Strengthen the hair follicles – by taking biotin combined with niacinamide. This helps to prevent weakening of the hair follicles by blocking the formation of DHT.
  3. Smooth the hair cuticles – use mild oils to smooth over the hair. This doesn’t need to be expensive Moroccan oil, I use both Almond Oil and Apricot oil and they are both light enough to work very well without making the hair limp.

One of the best natural product I have come across to date is Infuse. Its  packed with biotin, niacinamide, articum majus root, plus the following ingredients:

  • Fenugreek – to stimulate your blood circulation and promote the appearance
    of a full head of thick hair.
  • Panax Ginseng Root – increases scalp stimulation, enhancing hair
    depth and thickness.
  • Arginine, acetyl tyrosine, citrulline and ornithine HCL – amino acids [proteins] are the building blocks of hair structure.
  • Zinc Gluconate –teams with the B vitamins to block DHT.

Studies on Infuse show it results in thicker, stronger, silkier, shinier hair. It also helps to diminish scalp irritation.Studies on Infuse show it results in thicker, stronger, silkier, shinier hair. It also helps to diminish scalp irritation.

Find out more about Infuse Hair Strengthener & Thickener here.

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Aging Health Check

Now you have had time to get yourself organized in the New Year I thought it a good time to remind you to have regular checks. For the average healthy person, the key health data to confirm is:

  • Resting Heart Rate  – aim for 60 beats per minute, but it should be below 83
  • Blood Pressure – <140 / <90
  • BMI between 21% – 25%
  • LDL –   40
  • Waist – less than ½ Height
  • Vitamin D – 15 minutes of sun a day or 1000 IU

Blood Tests


  • C Reactive Protein – depends on inflammation level
  • TSH – biggest hormone defect in USA
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Animation of DNA and Cell Division

An amazing video illustration of the human DNA and cell division by biomedical animator Drew Berry. After a short introduction the animation explodes into the inner workings of the DNA and cell.

A very entertaining and informative 9 minutes

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Powering Up Brain Cells

Ever wondered why exercise is good for mental clarity?  Exercise helps to dilate the blood vessels, increasing nutrient carrying blood to the brain. It also helps to remove toxins and waste from the brain, strengthening the cells. Stronger cells – stronger powers of concentration, and clearer thinking.

Here are some other tips for powering up brain cells:

  • Nourish the brain with Omega 3 Fish Oil – an essential brain food the prevents dementia
  • Keep the brain hydrated – drink plenty of fresh water
  • Kick start your brain each day with a puzzle of some sort – crossword, Sudoku, or some other teaser that makes you think
  • Overcome brain fog by darting your eyes side to side for 10 seconds – this strengthens the link between left and right hemispheres of the brain
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Preventing and Treating Cancer

We all have cancer cells in the body at some point – typically between 6 to 10 times in a ourlifetime. If our body is in optimal health it will deal with these cancer cells before they cause an issue. If the body is not healthy, and subject to high levels of toxicity through diet, stress and environment, it will not keep up with the production of cancer cells and tumors will form. When they reach a level of a few billion, they are detectable on standard tests. Hence, just because cancer does not show up in a test, it does not mean the body has no cancer cells, it just means there are not present in a high enough volume to be detectable.

So what role do we play in cancer? Continue reading

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Natural or Homemade Anti-Aging Treatments

Aging is a fact of life, but if we are truthful, we all like to fight against it to some extent. According to an article I was emailed today, we don’t need to go down to our local anti-aging clinic, in fact we don’t even need to leave the house. Continue reading

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Senescent Cells – Key to Future Antiaging Treatments

There is celebration at the Mayo Clinic today as researchers announce they have unlocked a new medical breakthrough in quest for anti-aging treatments that can slow down the development of disease, and even aging.

The antiaging treatment involves identifying a special cell, and getting rid of it – helping your body both inside and out. Continue reading

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Are Anti-Nutrients Draining Your Energy?

We all know how important nutrition is for maintaining a healthy body. Part of being healthy is having optimal energy levels – both physical and mental. So what happens when we just feel we have had our battery pack unplugged? It could be one of three things: Continue reading

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Should You Do Muscle Isolation Training?

Often I come across articles on how to train one particular muscle or joint – “get bigger biceps, how to flatten your abs etc”. The thing is – muscles are not designed to work in isolation, they work best as a kinetic chain where large parts of the body assist other parts of the body in completing a complex movement. Athletes such as sprinters, running backs, ballet dancers and gymnasts understand this extremely well. You don’t see big, bulky bodies on these individuals, yet they build their bodies to be incredible strong, fast and lithe. Attempting to ‘isolate’ body parts using a single muscle or single joint exercise is not as effective as performing multi-muscle or multi-joint complex movements. Continue reading

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