Resveratrol Antiaging Properties Hot in Media

It seems by the headlines in my antiaging news group this morning that red wine, or specifically Resveratrol is back in the headlines in a big way, for example:

  • Study examines red wine’ anti-aging ingredient – CBS News
  • Resveratrol’s anti-aging potential gets a boost in study – Los Angeles Times
  • Red Wine Study Could Lead to Anti-Aging Pill – Voice of America
  • Red wine anti-aging properties shown in new study – Global Post
  • Could Red Wine Be the Secret to Anti-Aging? – ABC News
  • Red Wine’s Anti-Aging Properties Confirmed in Study – LA Weekly
  • Red Wine Anti Aging Properties Confirmed – Medical News Today

That’s a whole lot of media for what appears to be just another update on an already well known fact- resveratrol has antiaging properties. Just how many studies does it take? And that is the issue I have with many so-called anti-aging treatments and products – they work, but before anyone is allowed to say commercially that they work, a 50 year longitudinal study needs to be undertaken by at least a dozen or more independent research groups.

At 57, I need to know NOW! I can’t wait another 50 years. So what to do – like most things in life we just need to make our own decisions. I work on the basis of – if there is nothing in there that ‘might’ hurt me [in other words I want to understand EVERYTHING that is in there], then I am happy to pay out my money and take the risk that it may not help – but the insurance that is just might is worth it.

I think we need to treat most products today with caution – not just the ingredients, but where they are made and the manufacturing processes used. Different countries/cultures seem to have different thresholds as to what is deemed toxic or harmful to humans – some just don’t care as long as they make the money. So my advice is to track down the manufacturer, make sure the process doesn’t destroy the key antiaging ingredient and that no toxic process was used.

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