Can Your Self Image Survive Cosmetic Surgery?

We all have different reasons for why we want to fight the aging process. We also all have different ideas about how we want to achieve this. For some it is a highly preventative approach, and for others they are happy to live it up and take to anti-aging cosmetic surgery.

When someone decides to have some cosmetic surgery done, it seems that there is not enough thought given to the body – mind impact. Well, that’s the opinon of Maxwell Maltz, author of Psycho-Cybernetics. According to Maxwell, [was a cosmetic plastic surgeon] some patients who got physical deformities fixed STILL acted AS IF they had them.

From this he deduced that true change was something that took place “from within” – and so the concept of ‘self image’ was launched.

a concept he called the “self image”.

Your Self Image is basically the perception you have of yourself – identity, abilities, worth, etc. “Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become”

Most success coaches will tell you that your self image becomes your reality, regardless of the FACTS. Just talk to someone suffering from anorexia to confirm this. In spite of their true weight being very, very low they BELIEVE they’re overweight, and find evidence to support it.

This is an extreme illustration, but serves to remind us that we ALL have an accepted self image – whether it is one you simply accept from the words of others, or one you design yourself, you are in control of that choice. But is your perception the reality. This is the danger of cosmetic surgery – Michael Jackson is another extreme example. He engaged in the process to a point of improvement, then went way past the point of normality. We obviously cannot rely on all cosmetic surgeons to have integrity in how far they are willing to let a patient go – from becoming an improved version of oneself to the point of being hideous. [I apologize to the many, many ethical cosmetic surgeons out there – I am not referring to you]

If you are considering undertaking cosmetic surgery, make sure your self image is realistic. Ask people you can truly trust and seek advice from several surgeons before you do anything that may not be reversible.

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