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Are Anti-Nutrients Draining Your Energy?

We all know how important nutrition is for maintaining a healthy body. Part of being healthy is having optimal energy levels – both physical and mental. So what happens when we just feel we have had our battery pack unplugged? … Continue reading

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Iron Man Nutrition Great For Antiaging Program

I came across this very good video by triathlete Ben Greenfield on the nutritional requirements for athletes training for the Iron Man. As most of you would know, the Iron Man is the elite fitness event in the triathlon circuit. … Continue reading

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Food or Supplements – The Great Debate

One debate that seems never to die is whether supplements are food or nutrition, and whether supplements are necessary at all. Let’s just step away from the food element for a bit, and just look at supplements our bodies need. … Continue reading

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How To Turn Your Oatmeal Into An Antiaging Superfood

I am a great fan of oatmeal for breakfast – summer and winter. I prefer to buy premixed museli and cover it with water then microwave it for 2 minutes. Its an easy and fast way to ensure that I … Continue reading

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