How Antiaging Exercise Slows Down Aging

The impact of exercise on antiaging is quite remarkable. Every part of our physique, in terms of look, strength, co-ordination, flexibility, capability and energy changes with an easy to incorporate antiaging fitness routine.

Antiaging fitness is not about sports performance, body building or weight loss. Its about maintaining physical capability that you had in your twenties, before the impact of aging set in.

And the great news is; if you are already over 40, much of your physical aging can be reversed! by starting an antiaging exercise program now.

Even if you are over 70! Studies have been conducted which PROVE that significant antiaging benefits are experienced by those who maintain aerobic, weight training and flexibility exercise routines.

Aging Condition Impact of Exercise on Condition
Reduced Cardiac Capability / Metabolic Rate - slows down leading to a gain in body fat.

Walking 20 minutes a day – will raise your metabolism.
20 minutes of cardio-vascular exercise before breakfast will help burn off fat efficiently.

Long cardio training doesn’t improve your heart capability because it’s low intensity. Cardio exercising for longer periods will burn off muscle in addition to fat, and should be avoided unless it is combined with weights.

Heart (Cardiovascular) - Over 40, your cardiovascular system declines in the ability to direct blood to your muscles. Stiffening arteries increase blood pressure and place a greater stress on your heart.

Women ages 50 to 79 who do intense exercise at least 2 1/2 hours per week are 30 % less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than women who didn't

Increase your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular capability with aerobic exercise; 20 minutes of HIIT.

Lung Volume - lungs lose their elasticity with age. By 50, breath capacity is 20% lower than it was at. Smokers lose much 20. Aerobic exercise; 20 minutes of HIIT. Learn to breathe correctly and when doing aerobics, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. This forces the lungs to expand more, helping to maintain lung volume / capacity.
Muscle Mass – loss of nerve fibers cause loss of each connected muscle fiber. Leads to osteoporosis, and loss of height.

Weight Training: 8 -15 repetitions; working each body part once a week.

Include protein with every meal or snack.

Muscle Strength – you lose 20 % grip strength every seven years.

Weight training signals your body to retain bone mass. Applying force along the axis of a bone stimulates its growth.

Vitamin D and Calcium supplements do not work effectively in isolation of exercise.

Flexibility – joint and muscle stiffness Regular stretching exercises: Yoga, Pilates or martial arts classes like Tai Chi or Haikido.
Reduction in Growth Factor Hormone impacting the body in a number of ways.

Weight training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are proven methods to increase HGH levels. Short, intense exercise followed by sound sleep.

Exercise, nutrition and supplements can slow down hormone decline. Learn more how to slow your aging and keep your biological age much younger than your chronological age.

Immune System – From age 20, the thymus begins to shrink; by 60, it is largely ineffective. A combination of nutrition, exercise and supplements can slow down this process significantly. Many antiaging treatments are now proving effective with HIV patients.
Brain – brain functionality is a factor of use. Mental activities (chess, reading, mental stimulation), help maintain memory.
Sex -Men: Age-related decline in testosterone . By 40, you have a 50% chance of having a problem getting an erection whenever you want, and sustaining it. Exercise stimulate growth hormone production, which in turn stimulates testosterone production.
Sex -Women: By age 40 you have a 45% chance of having intercourse difficulties due to vaginal dryness. Exercise stimulate growth hormone production, which in turn stimulates oestrogen production.

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