Body Building - A Critical Part of an Antiaging Program

A major physical factor in aging is the loss of muscle tissue and muscle strength. A normal fitness program undertaken at age 20 will not give the same results when actioned over the age of 50.

To retain and build muscle takes a focused antiaging approach combining both nutritional and physical elements.


Body Building Nutrition and Antiaging

Antiaging muscle building nutrition takes the same approach as normal body building. Don't be concerned that you will overbulk on intense training and muscle building supplements. It is quite within your control to maintain your physique at the exact stage you wish. The essential elements of muslce building nutrition are:

  1. Protein
  2. Glyco Replenishment
  3. Muscle Supporting Supplements

For more information on muscle building nutrition and body building products. These products are highly specialised today, steroid free and safe for normal use. Check the ingredients carefully and only purchase from reliable source.

Muscle Supplements


How Antiaging Fitness Programs Differ From Normal Fitness Programs

Most wellness fitness programs focus on muscle strength, cardio-vascular fitness, and flexibility. A typical wellness fitness program aims to achieve:

These are all the fitness aspects needed for strong dynamic movements used in daily life and for both strength and endurance sports.


Antiaging Exercise Program

Antiaging fitness has a different focus from sports training or fitness programs one undertakes in earlier years.

By age 60, without an antiaging program, you can expect to lose half your muscular strength, half of your lung capacity, and a reasonable percentage of bone density. An antiaging fitness program can prevent these losses.


Keeping your aerobic exercise intensity to no more than 65% to 70% of your maximum heart rate will avoid over oxidation. See Heart Rate Range Sheet

Stepping Up Your Program

Start out with exercise that maintains your heart rate at this level for 20 continuous minutes. To progress:

  • Increase sessions to 3 times a week.
  • Increase time to 30 mins
  • Increase sessions to 5 times a week
  • Increase time to 45 mins.

For details on designing your antiaging fitness program

Why Antiaging Fitness Programs Work

Most wellness fitness programs focus on muscle strength, cardio-vascular fitness, and flexibility. Anti-aging fitness programs go further to include:


Metabolic Rate - As you age, your metabolic rate slows down. This results in a tendency to gain more body fat. Diets don’t increase your metabolic rate. Only exercise does. Even walking 20 minutes a day – will raise your metabolism.

Muscle Mass - muscle loss is a major symptom of aging. Combine weight training with foods rich in protein to avoid loss of muscle with exercise. Include protein with every meal or snack. Working each body part just once a week will make a significant difference. Training for strength is different than training for muscle mass. For strength, you exercise for shorter duration – 4 to 6 repetitions.

Bone Density - After age 35, bones slowly start to lose density. Exercise is the only effective way to retain bone density; Weight training being the most effective. Calcium supplements have little effect without exercise.

Flexibility - Regular stretching exercises will help keep your body supple as you age. Yoga, Pilates or martial arts classes like Tai Chi or Haikido are all excellent stretching exercise.

Growth Factor - GF declines from age 20. You can increase your body’s production of growth factor (Human Growth Hormone – HGH) by short, intense exercise followed by sound sleep. Weight training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are proven methods to increase HGH levels.

Heart (Cardiovascular) - After age 40, your cardiovascular system declines in the ability to direct blood to your muscles. Stiffening arteries increase blood pressure and place greater stress on your heart. Most cardiac failures start many years prior to the heart attack.

Increasing your heart rate with aerobic exercise is the most efficient way to improve your cardiovascular capability. The 20 minutes HIIT has been proven very effective raising your cardio capability and keeping your veins and arteries flexible.

Lung Volume -lungs lose their elasticity gradually until, by age 50, breath capacity is 20% lower than what it was at age 20. Smokers lose much higher breath capacity and put themselves at risk for other problems such as cancer.

Immune System - Anti-Aging Programs help slow the decline of immune function. The thymus gland [the primary organ of the immune system] begines to shrink after puberty. By age 40, the thymus is just a fraction of the size at youth, and by age 60, it can hardly be found. A combination of nutrition, exercise and supplements can slow down this process significantly.

Brain - The phrase “use it or lose it” certainly applies to the brain. Studies show that people involved in mental activities [chess, reading, mental stimulation], tend to have better memories than those who are not.

Sex - Many people face deterioration of sexual activity after 40. There is no need to compromise your sexuality. Age-related decline in testosterone in men results in weaker erections, lower volume and intensity of ejaculations, more “rest time” required between sexual encounters, and deterioration in libido. Lack of estrogen in women results in thinning of the vaginal tissue and loss of lubrication which can make intercourse uncomfortable. Exercise, nutrition and hormone boosting supplements can all slow down hormone decline.

In summary, anti-aging fitness programs take both a physical structure [bones and muscles] as well as a cellular approach [vital organs, immune system, hormonal system]. When combined with optimal anti-aging nutrition, which also includes this cellular health component, then the true force of anti-aging medicine and technology is utilised.

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