How the Cells Age

The human cell is an extremely efficient “factory”. In a healthy state it signals what it needs, manages its manufacturing processes with expertise, exports its products to the required destinations, and effectively rids itself of waste products.

Keeping this organisation operating smoothly requires good management. Ensuring that end products are top quality, is determined both by the quality of the incoming materials and optimal processing.

Cells age when their normal processes can no longer funtion to efficiently nourish the cell and rid it of toxic wastes. Eventually, these toxins corrupt the cell system and the cell DNA to such an extent that the cell dies. Unfortunately, before the cell dies, in its highly toxic, DNA muted state, it reproduces other mutated cells. This is how degenerative diseases such as cancer are created.

Like any manufacturing equipment, it wears out and eventually stops, or in the case of the cell, dies.

To prevent the cells aging, we simply have to ensure that the cell is well nourished, and that cell toxins are rapidly disposed of, thus protecting both the membrane and cell DNA. In this way, the cell continues to replicate new healthy cells, and prevent aging disesases.

Stem Cell Replacement

In advanced disease, new treatments using tissue re-engineering, where stem cell replacement is used to help populate the body with healthy cells is being trialed.

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Slowing Cellular Aging

Now, this is a bit of a stretch back to science classes – but at the fundamental level, we recall that the cell is the smallest structural unit in your body. It is an active unit which grows, moves, reacts, protects and reproduces itself. The human body is composed of many different types of cells. Each cell consists of mainly three parts, the nucleus, cytoplasm and cell surface membrane.


The Nucleus

Controls the normal cell activities and contains the DNA material, nucleoli for building proteins. The nuclear envelope separates the nucleus from the cytoplasm.


Surrounds the nucleus forming the larger part of the human cell. It contains Mitochondria responsible for releasing energy during respiration, Vacuoles containing water and food substances and controls which play a part in cell division.

Cell Plasma Membrane

Controls substances that enter or leave the cell. Cells are composed of many different types of molecules, which in turn, consist of one or more atoms of one or more elements joined by chemical bonds. And just to complicate things further… Cells have intricate feedback systems to exchange messages with the body; these are used to regulate the cells activity. So why is this all so important? Well, as you can see, the cell is a complex system, and it strives to maintain order to perform at optimal levels. When this order cannot be maintained, the cell order breaks down and its entire function is deranged.

The multiplication of malfunctioning cells is the basis of degenerative diseases which accelerate aging. Should this disorder reach the DNA stored in the nucleus then serious malignancies such as cancer can occur.
So what can we do to prevent cell disorder?

  1. Ensure the cell can function normally that nutrients and oxygen can pass through the cells outer fatty membrane to keep the cell alive and to eliminate wastes. Toxins in the blood make this membrane sticky, and the cells start sticking together, reducing the available surface area to make these necessary exchanges. If we can keep this membrane healthy and clear, then cell activity can be maintained at optimal levels. Toxins in the blood make this membrane sticky, and the cells start sticking together, reducing the available surface area to make these necessary exchanges. If we can keep this membrane healthy and clear, then cell activity can be maintained at optimal levels. This is a primary goal of glyconutrients in anti aging medicine.
  2. Reduce free radical productionby maintaining the cells electrical balance. Control within the cell is maintained by neutrons, protons and electrons. If these signal carrying units are out of balance, disorder results. Atoms are constantly seeking to stabilise by obtaining the desired number of electrons. As a by-product of this process, a number of toxic and destructive molecules are produced, called free radicals. This is known as oxy-stress and is held to be central to the aging process.

These free radicals are electrochemically unbalanced, which, in turn unbalances any other molecules in close proximity, to propagate more free radicals. Such a chain reaction can rapidly build up to an unhealthy level. For example, Lipids [fats and oils] throughout the body attract free radical damage known as Perioxidation. This oxygen based reaction is responsible for nuts and oils turning rancid.

Thus, to slow down the aging process we must take a comprehensive approach to reduce DNA mutation, minimise oxy-stress, rid free radicals and control perioxidation.

Fortunately such mutation is largely preventable by ensuring that toxins are removed efficiently from the cells, and that the cell health is maintained in optimal condition.

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Cell Nutrition

If the quality of the incoming material is poor, and if the waste extraction slows down, the cell becomes overloaded with toxic material and ceases to operate efficiently.

Optimal cell nutrition is beyond what one would normally aim for in wellness nutrition. Most wellness nutritional levels are adopted from negative calculations. That is, at what level of nutrition would the cell stop functioning in a healthy state, and start to become malnourished. This is NOT optimal cell nutrition. Optimal cell nutrition is the basis of all antiaging methodologies.

A double approach is taken to optimal cell nutriion:

  • Maximising the body's utilisation of nutrients by maitaining the bodys functional capabilites at young adult levels. Use of supplements such as Human Growth Hormone[HGH] are used.
  • Supplementing with cell nutrients that are complex mixes of natural nutrients and elements that assist in maximising absorption. Current optimal cell nutrition products are glyconutrient based.


Cell Detoxification

Cell detoxification ensures that optimal cell performance is concentrated on supplying the body with maximum energy, performance and growth. If the cell toxin levels are allowed to increase beyond minimal levels, cell energy and processes are overworked merely dealing with detoxification processes. This leaves little resource for renewing the body cells. As such the overall average age of body cells increases and the body ages at a greater rate. This is a highly simplified statement, but is a fair summation of the impact of toxins in the body.

Detoxification diets, antioxidant food and antioxidant supplements all assist in keeping cell toxins to a mimimum.

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