Where the wellness diet focussed on ensuring the body receives nutrition for optimal wellness and avoiding destructive foods, the antiaging diet looks specifically at foods that are known to contribute to slowing or reversing the aging process.

Antiaging Nutrition Program

The key components to any antiaging nutrition program are:

  1. Detox & cleanse - antioxidants and bowel cleanse
  2. Core balanced diet - avoiding toxic foods and boosting superfoods
  3. Nutritional supplements
  4. Optimal Cell Health - glyconutrients
  5. Mutated Cell Destruction - phytonutrients
  6. Exercise supporting nutrition - for sustained energy and muscle building

Of these, caloric restriction is the primary proponent to extend ones life span. The other diets provide super antioxidant and help fight against degenerative diseases that reduce life expectancy.


Detox & Cleanse

The first part of any nutritional anti-aging program is to rid the body of any toxins. Toxins can interrupt proper digestion, meaning that nutrients are not released from the food, and weaken the walls of the stomach and intestine, causing undigested and toxic food to pass through the linings. This is often referred to as ' Leaky Gut'

A detox diet can either be done using fasting alone, or more effectively by combining herbs to help eliminate toxins from the body. Body detoxification kits are commonly called:

Body Detox & Bowel Cleanse


  • Stomach Cleanse
  • Bowel Cleanse
  • Liver Cleanse

Find Body Detox & Cleanse Kits


Core Nutritional Diet

Once the digestive system has been cleansed, the nutrients from the food you eat will be better digested, with less toxic leakage. Adopting a low-fat, low-sugar, high-fiber diet is a great step towards a healthier more age-proof you. By reducing the amount of toxic food you eat, and increasing the amount of superfoods your skin will shine with health in no time. You will find that your energy will start to build quite quickly, making it more likely you will continue on your exercise program. To support your exercise nutrition, you may need to add energy-releasing foods and protein for muscle building.

For more guidelines on nutrition and healthy eating.


Supplements & Cell Super-Nutrition

Regardless of how much healthy food you think you are eating, if you are on an antiaging nutritional program you need good quality nutritional supplements. A minimum supplement program includes:

  • Omega-3 - to lower cholesterol and strengthen the heart
  • Magnesium & Calcium - to maintain bone and nervous system strength
  • Antioxidants - to fight against free radical production and help eliminate toxic waste
  • Glyconutrients - to support optimal cell functioning
  • Phytonutrients - to boost hormone levels and fight cell mutation causing cancer

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Aging Disease Prevention

Supplements that help:


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