Introduction To Anti-Aging Programs

There's no single "age reversal" wonder drug, but there are a number of things we can do to assist an anti-aging program, including somewhat controversial drugs such as human growth hormone [HGH]. Anti-aging disciplines can be incorporated into your life at all levels. It is a lifestyle choice with benefits that will not always be instantly recognisable, but will benefit you over years to come.

HGH is currently the most extreme tool in anti-aging medicine. About 10% of patients who are on a full anti-aging regime are taking HGH. HGH reverses bone loss, muscle loss, and improves tissue hydration. Together, these things can improve the biomarkers of aging.

Guides To Antiaging Programs


Typical Anti-Aging Program Schedule

A typical 10 part anti-aging program would include:

  1. Planing your antiaging program
  2. Detoxify the body of chemicals and debilitating toxins.
  3. Rid the diet of high toxin creating foods, and include super foods and high quality nutritional supplements.
  4. Take glycol-nutrient, antioxidant and HGH [Human Growth Hormone] supplements.
  5. Schedule regular exercise, appropriate to age and fitness
  6. Use anti-aging skin products to slow aging and boost collagen production.
  7. Protect the body from damaging environments such as sun, chemical and smoke exposure.
  8. Be emotionally aware and take time to heal the mind and develop the spirit.
  9. Adopt a Wellness approach and avoid overstressing the body or emotions.
  10. Employ the latest medical treatments and surgical techniques to reverse damage already done.

According to expert evaluation, we can modify our personal aging curve by:

  • Periodic fasting and caloric restriction can add 40 - 50 years to your lifespan.
  • Regular intake of anti-aging drugs and supplements can add 20-30 years to your lifespan.
  • Good nutrition [well balanced, healthy food, individually tailord die] can add 15-25 years to your lifespan.


How Effective Are These Antiaging Methods?

  • High-tech bio-medicine service can add 15-25 years to your lifespan.
  • Quality of life (prosperity, relaxation, regular vacations) can add 15-25 years to your lifespan.
  • Regular exercise and moderate physical activity can add 10-20 years to your lifespan.

These approaches taken together can add 60-80 years to your lifespan, if you start young (say at age 20). But even if you only start later (say at 45-50), you can still gain 30-40 years.

Source: www.anti-aging-guide.com.

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Caloric Restriction and Periodic Fasting

Caloric restriction and fasting impact metabolism of energy, lipids, protein reducing oxidative stress. It also prevents or reduces age-related accumulation of irreversible molecular damage. partially or completely reverses age-related alterations of liver, brain and heart proteins. Read More on effects of Caloric restriction

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