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Once you have neutralised the effect of your past on your body, the next step is to nourish it with the correct diet; that is the right foods, in the right amount.

The word ‘diet’ can have different meanings for different people, with many adopting it to mean a weight loss program. Our interpretation refers to more general terms of what food based nourishment you are providing your body to retain optimal wellness. In addition we also include special diet programs for:

This site is mainly concerned with wellness, detoxification and antiaging diets


Diet Benefits

The benefits of a wellness diet are:

  • You get sick less often (if ever)
  • You have more energy, more mental clarity, better sleep, deep meditations
  • You have less anxiety, elevated mood, more overall appreciation of life; all leading to more happiness

Adopting a wellness diet does take a bit of effort to educate yourself on the benefits of each food type. By understanding how certain foods impact the body, we can best assure ourselves that we have all the antiaging bases covered. For instance, what vital nutrients does the brain require for optimal functioning, what foods clog or constrict the arteries, which fats are good and which are bad? It is easy to pass over this stage because we don’t see or feel an immediate impact. If we drive the wrong way up a one way street we can see that congestion it causes. But we cannot immediately see foods that congest our arteries.

The statistics on obesity and heart attacks speak for themselves, but the main message is – we obviously have not been sufficiently educated in healthy diets.

The body and mind are inextricably linked. We are what we eat, and we feel what we are. Eat foods that adversely impact the metabolic system and we feel sluggish, which in turn leads to fuzzy thinking and eventually depression.

Those who do eat well have experienced the huge benefits that a wellness and antiaging diet can bring. This is definitely are reason they are fanatical about doing so. Again, the choice is yours.

Wellness Diets

We all have different metabolisms and different abilities to digest and absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So how do you know if your diet is right for you? There are physical and functional symptoms of an optimal wellness diet that is the correct balance for your individual needs. These include:

  • Lasting energy throughout the day
  • Clear thinking and good concentration
  • No indigestion
  • 2-3 bowel movements per day
  • Good skin conditions
  • White eyes
  • No furry tongue
  • Even general moods and stress management

Likewise, there are reliable markers that your diet is not right. Poor skin, rings or bags under the eyes, and discoloration of the eyes.

For More Information on Wellness Foods

Antiaging Diets

The most widely supported antiaging measure amongst antiaging researchers is the impact of a restrictive calorie diet on life span. An antiaging diet generally consists of:


Body PH

The acid/alkaline balance of your body also needs to be managed. Most people today have an over acid body, primarily from a diet of acid-forming foods and stress. This acidity is one of the first steps toward illness. Acid based foods produce mucous, which congest the intestinal tract. Over time, this congestion builds up to form a hardened layer of intestinal [mucoid] plaque.

Stress alone may create the over acidity which leads to mucoid plaque. To make matters worse, stress often prompts us to seek comfort in high sugar and carbohydrate acid-forming foods.

The ideal PH is 7.4; which is blue on the litmus test.

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