There are four aspects of losing weight and burning fat:

  1. Reduce your caloric intake
  2. Improve your nutrition
  3. Increase your metabolic rate
  4. Increase your demand for energy
  5. Support your body's natural ability to lose fat

Reducing Your Caloric Intake

I struggle to see what most people find so hard about this. 6 - 1 does not equal 0. If you ingest more calories than your body needs to perform natural internal functions and support external energy demands from daily activities YOU WILL PUT ON WEIGHT!!!

Improve Your Nutrition

This one is also easy to understand - you eat crap food, you look like crap and you have a crap body. And that applies to both extremes. Have you ever noticed that most full vegetarians look sick. Their bodies look wasted, their skin is pale, they look 15 years old than they are....etc. Sure there are exceptions, but generally those are the ones that take particular care to ensure that their protein and fat intake is sufficient. The body needs essential fatty acids and protein to build muslce, to produce skin boosting collagen and to boost metabolism.

I can almost predict to 90 pecent accuracy what a supermarket shopper will put in their trolleys BEFORE they walk into the supermarket, just by the way the look and the way they walk.

So stop fooling yourself. Improve your nutrition - 60 % protein, 30% EFA and 10% carbohydrates at every meal. And get over the antiquated view that eating enough vegetables and meat will provide you with all your nutritional needs - on the depleted soils these foods are grown today - you need supplements.

Increase Your Metabolic Rate

The two most influencial natural aspects of your body that control how much fat and sugar you burn at zero exercise rate are:

  1. The level of your thyroid production - a lot of adults find at middle age they develop that spare tyre and nothing will move it. That is your signal that your thyroid is slowing down.
  2. Your muscular structure - muscles burn more energy than fat. Increase your muscle mass - you increase your metabolic rate. Simple

Increase Your Energy Demand

Going back to our equation - 6-6 does equal 0. And that means zero weight increase. I if you want to lose weight, change the equation to 6-8=-2. Its simple math. Better still try this 3-8=-5. You see, this is why I get so frustrated - none of this is difficult to comprehend.

We all have genetic dispositions that make us more or less prone to weight loss. This is generall reflected in our body type. My body type means that I don't build muscle easily, so I have to work twice as hard, to build the same muscle mass. I also do not synthesize proteins as well as most - so I use protein formula that include additional enzymes to help in that process.

So the first step is to improve your knowledge about yourself

It's about knowing your own body and making adjustments. So stop whining about how fat you are - get off your butt, go clean all the crap food out of your pantry and refrigerator and walk down to your supermarket and health food store to stock up on healthy food options and powerful nutritional supplements.

Now you are ready to get into action:

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