Weight Loss Strategies

The only way to lose weight is by caloric deficiency; that is, take in fewer calories than your body expends. It really doesn't matter what food group you choose, other than you must create a calorie deficit without jeopardizing your ability to perform your daily tasks.

Various weight loss strategies commonly employed include:


Diet Plans

There are many different diet plans available online which can be tailored to your individual needs.

Quick Loss Diets

Short-term strategies that help you lose a few pounds quickly for special events involve loss of water rather than fat. They neither work or are recommended long-term. This includes short-term juice or cleansing
fasts .

Fasting for Weight Loss

Fasting to cleanse the body and jumpstart a weight loss diet has been
recommended for years. Prolonged fasting deprives the body of nutrients; resulting in low energy, weakness, and lightheadedness. Fasting does not promote real weight loss. Any loss is water and muscle, not fat, and you regain the weight when you start eating again.

Fasting that is not well managed can damage the body. Ketones build up when carbohydrates are deficit for for energy. Should these levels get too high, the kidneys can become stressed.

Good and Bad Diet Foods

There are no inherently bad, naturally-occuring foods. It is how much
you consume, and in what proportion, that is the key to weight loss. Carbohydrates are not inherently bad and the less-processed carbs are a very valuable source of dietary fiber. You could eat all your daily calories in a carbohydrate like rice and you would not gain weight if you only ate enough to maintain your body weight.

A good weight loss diet must still include appropriate amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates. If you are not up to speed on how best to put your diet together, there are many good online sources.

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There are also a number of services that deliver fresh meals to you home or office daily, according to your dietary goals. Two well known programs include:


Commercial Weight Loss Programs

A new study, published recently, found little evidence that commercial
weight-loss programs are effective. Even Weight Watchers results were modest, with a 5% weight loss after 3 to 6 months of dieting, much of it regained within a short period. But for many the lifestyle changes instilled during such programs can have longer term effects that positively affect both the tendency to put on further weight and in other aspects of health.

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Replacement Shakes

There is a vast range of replacement meal shakes available on the market. In general they contain one or more of the following components:

  1. Protein for muscle building
  2. Carbohydrate long burning GI component for energy
  3. L-Carnitine or other ingredient to help break down fat
  4. Appetite suppressants

A good example of this type of diet aid is Medifast. If you would like to try this product you can get 1 Week of Medifast FREE!

The Medifast diet has been clinically proven to be safe and effective

Other shakes are more specifically designed to support your muscle building program. Remember - the more muscle you build, the more fat you burn. Personally, I have found that as soon as I start concentrating on "dieting" I get hungry!. So for me, moving the emphasis to improving my skin or building muscle gives the the phsychological support I need during these times. Check out our body building section for more information on this.

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Diet Pills

There is little evidence that diet pills are effective in weight loss. The Australian Consumer Association's Choice Online tested the top 10
ingredients in 18 different herbal weight-loss products, with pretty sketchy results. The evidence showed some products may help you lose a bit of weight; only an extra 100 grams a day. Some of the ingredients warrant further investigation.


Weight loss pills. Interview: Claire Hughes, Choice Broadcast

Can popping pills really help you lose weight?

Overview of weight loss products and programs


Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise burns calories - therefore, it can boost weight loss. However, caloric intake remains the primary factor, since it takes considerable normal exercise to burn off a significant amount of calories. [ 1 pound equals 3,500 calories].

Muscle Building and Weight Loss

Exercise that focuses on muscle building is where the real leverage in weight loss begins. Your daily caloric need is related to your lean muscle mass. The more muscle mass, the more calories required.

Muscle loss with aging results in a slower resting metabolism, which means that some calories previously burnt by high-energy muscle tissue are no longer needed, and are therefore stored as fat.

One pound of muscle requires between 35 to 50 calories a day for tissue maintenance. A 10-pound muscle loss may reduce resting metabolism by 350 to 500 calories daily; cutting your required daily food intake by 20 to 25 percent.

Study - Muscle Burns More Fat

Another study shows the correlation between fat loss and strength
training and the difference it can make when added to a diet regimen. The study measured two groups over an 8 week exercise program.

  • Group 1 – 30 minutes of endurance exercise on a stationary cycle, lost a total of 3.5 lbs.; 3lbs. of which was fat and a half pound was muscle loss.
  • Group 2 - 15 minutes of exercise on the stationary cycle plus an
    additional 15 minutes on weight resistant exercises, lost 8 lbs. with fat loss of 10 lbs. and an increase of 2 lbs. of lean body weight."

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For more detail on muscle building as an antiaging, fat burning technique.


Resistance Weight Training With Endurance Training Improves Fat Loss.

Energy Expenditure by Type of Exercise

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